Citroen 2CV

The steel wheels are produced in Europe and designed to offer classic styling to 2 CV cars.


The wheel can be delivered in 5 different sizes:

  • 4×15″
  • 4½X15″
  • 5×15″
  • 5½X15″
  • 6×15″


The steel wheel :

  • Comply to all relevant standard and tests (TÜV / ABE / DOT)
  • 98 % like original design
  • AC140 painted
  • 2 years warranty
  • Produced in Europe


The wheel is painted in AC140 colour and tested and approved by TÜV and comply to the American DOT regulations, and 100% road-legal for use in Europe and USA.


To avoid the general problems with tyre valve fitment, the valve bore is designed to use the modern tubeless rubber tyre valves.

Part number SizeETPCDColour
CW615014x15"27 mm3x160 mmAC140460 kg
CW615034½x15"33 mm3x160 mmAC140460 kg
CW615045x15"40 mm3x160 mmAC140460 kg
CW615035½x15"40 mm3x160 mmAC140460 kg
CW615056x15"48 mm3x160 mmAC140460 kg

CW61504AC140149 €YES