GT steel wheel 7×15”

The steel wheels are produced in Europe and designed to offer classic styling to US cars. To make surre, that the hub cap fit, all wheels are supplied with chromed hub cap.


The steel wheel wheel :

  • Comply to all relevant standard and tests (TÜV / ABE / DOT)
  • 98 % like original design
  • Silver painted
  • 2 years warranty
  • Produced in Europe


The wheel is powder coated with silver colour or fully chromed. The steel wheels are tested and approved by TÜV and comply to the American DOT regulations, and 100% road-legal for use in Europe and USA.

Part number SizeCAPETPCDColour
CWGT157-P-CAP15x7"0 mm5x114,3 mmSilver499 kg
CWGT157-C-CAP15x7"0 mm5x114,3 mmChromed499 kg
CWGT158-P-CAP15x8"0 mm5x114,3 mmSilver499 kg
CWGT158-C-CAP15x8"0 mm5x114,3 mmChromed499 kg
CWGT1510-P-CAP15x10"-16 mm5x114,3 mmSilver499 kg

CWGT157-PChrome pr silver100 €YES
CWGT157-CChrome pr silver157 €YES