Junkyard Dog Chrome

Iconic Boyd Coddington Wheels are renowned worldwide. We have a distinct style and high quality standards for the Boyd Coddington brand. The diverse selection of wheels provides abundant choices for your hot rod or muscle car.

Boyd Coddington Wheels produces a wide-range of custom forged billet styles made in the USA, along with a more affordable line of one-piece cast alloy wheels.

Part number SizePCDETBSCBColour
CWBC177-617x7"5x4½"04"73,1 mmChrome1600 lbs
CWBC177-717x7"5x4 3/4"04"73,1 mmChrome1600 lbs
CWBC178-617x8"5x4½"04½"73,1 mmChrome1600 lbs
CWBC178-717x8"5x4 3/4"04½"73,1 mmChrome1600 lbs
CWBC187-518x7"5x4½"04"73,1 mmChrome1600 lbs
CWBC187-618x7"5x4 3/4"04"73,1 mmChrome1600 lbs
CWBC188-618x8"5x4½"04½"73,1 mmChrome1600 lbs
CWBC188-718x8"5x4 3/4"04½"73,1 mmChrome1600 lbs
CWBC188-818x8"5x5"04½"78,1 mmChrome1600 lbs
CWBC209-720x9"5x4½"05"73,1 mmChrome1600 lbs
CWBC209-820x9"5x4 3/4"05"73,1 mmChrome1600 lbs
CWBC209-920x9"5x5"05"78,1 mmChrome1600 lbs

CW15148Silver 100 €YES
CW15148-ABESilver 110 €YES