Volvo 140 serie

The steel wheels are produced in Europe and designed to offer classic styling to Volvo cars.


The wheel replace original part number:
688140               4½x15″
684400               5×15″
1273387             5½x15″
613999               5½x15”


The steel wheel :

  • Comply to all relevant standard and tests (TÜV / ABE / DOT)
  • 98 % like original design
  • Silver painted
  • 2 years warranty
  • Produced in Europe


The wheel is powder coated with silver colour. The steel wheels are tested and approved by TÜV and comply to the American DOT regulations, and 100% road-legal for use in Europe and USA.


Part number SizeETPCDColour
CW6881404½x15"40 mm5x108Silver 450 kg
CW688140-ABE4½x15"40 mm5x108Silver 450 kg
CW6644005x15"25 mm5x108Silver 450 kg
CW664400-ABE5x15"25 mm5x108Silver 450 kg
CW6139995½x15"20 mm5x108Silver 450 kg
CW613999-ABE5½x15"20 mm5x108Silver 450 kg
CW12733875½x15"25 mm5x108Silver 450 kg
CW1273387-ABE5½x15"25 mm5x108Silver 450 kg

CW670429149 €YES
CW668280149 €YES
CW670451149 €YES
CW613014149 €YES